Foundation Class Notes – Master Chen Zhonghua Online Zoom Lesson Mon 28 Sep 2020 – Brian Chung

by Brian Chung on 2020/09/28

Today we completed a set of Foundations led by Kelvin Ho. Master Chen provided instructions on Double Negative Circle (symmetric, and alternating) as well as Turning Flowers and Playing with Sleeves from Erlu.

– We have to ignore the details and do the Taiji we want to do. To copy without any technical things. Then add the details.

– When we add the details, we tend to forget the overall thing.

– This is the same as forgetting where we are in the form when instructing. We need to be more fluent with the whole thing.

Double Negative Circle Symmetric (Double Push Down)

– If the hand does not withdraw, you are using the inside.

– Add the torso turning.

– Movements. The sequence of movement is (1) From head pushing two shoulders open. (2) From two shoulders to two elbows. (3) From elbows to hands.

– Cannot initiate from your hands. Initiate from your shoulders, adjust with your elbow, twist from your dantian.

– No pulling of the shoulder. The shoulder pushes down to make the hands go up.

– Analogy. Imagine an umbrella. The sides go out. The ring goes up and down. The core does not move.

– To drop the hand. Whenever your hand is higher than your elbow, it has to naturally drop by gravity to below your elbow before you take any action. Do not use energy, just let it drop.

– In Negative circle, the hand has to be lower than the elbow. In Positive circle, the hand has to be higher than the elbow.


Double Negative Circle Alternating (Fist Draping Over Body)

– Exercise: Adjust slowly into position. Use power on the elbow and crunch the waist.

– My correction: Stand higher to provide the proper proportion for expression of power.

– Application of Fist Draping Over Body to keep in mind: Get hold of your opponents arm with your front forearm and rear hand. No move. Use your waist to break it. Make him him end up on the ground.

– In Six Sealing Four Closing your opponent is thrown out (45 degrees to the front). In Fist Draping Over Body he goes down to the ground (45 degrees to the rear).


Partner Exercise:

– Hold your partners arm with your front forearm and rear hand.

– Lock the upper body in position.

– Go down and rotate. The torso rotates, the rear kua goes down. Do not push the rear knee down.


Turning Flowers and Playing With Sleeves / Wind Blows the Plum Flowers

– 旱地拔葱 Pulling scallion from a dry ground. The idea of the move is that it has to be vertical, or the scallions will break.

– While turning and jumping there must be a vertical rod present.

– Sequence of the foot. In the first jump the feet land next together. In the second jump the feet land apart.

– In the first jump, the right leg pushes, the left leg lands. In the second jump, the left leg pushes, the right leg lands.

– This is similar to the Yilu 56. Double Lotus Kick. After the kick the feet land together, then the left foot goes out.

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