Online Lesson with Master Chen Zhonghua 9th&10th Sept 2021-Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/09/12

Exercise: open triangle model with head, buttock and knee. Head and knees have to be in the same vertical line, can place on the wall as reference, and only pull the buttock back. The whole back has to be straight like one line of the triangle, mingmen is pulled out. Chest, torso and thigh have to stretch to go over a threshold. Common mistake, sway back, head leaves the line.

When it is done right, you should fall. Keep doing the same way until you don’t fall again, so you changed the body, not you changed the move. Yilu trains you, not you train Yilu. Human-robot-human. We always enhance what we do, what we already know, we need to do sth different to make the change. The instructions are specific, but we filter it with our own understanding. Follow the instructions correctly, you cannot make mistakes. I can’t do it, I am stuck, no such word should be said.

Six sealing four closing with power. Video-fixing a dot, rotate, stretch.
Feet: front foot, shun; rear foot, ni. Both are not moving but drilling down into the ground.
Arm one piece, locked into triangle shape. We used another exercise to practice this. Lock the arms and upper body and only use the kua/dantian as hinge to move, like a play doll. The crack shaft, shape does not change.
Bevel gear in shoulder joint. Only rotate the torso, don’t try to push the arm forward, only rotate on the spot, like the rack gear, the arm is pushed like a stick. Front shoulder-kua line is the pivot, the demarcation, the action is only behind it. Scissors.
Master used his shoe(as it is one piece and hard) to show how he always rotates with a dot fixed not moving, the movement never leaves the dot. In push hands, your body has one dot not moving, and you don’t let anybody move it.
Foundation is sth unquestionable. Where is here. I am in the kitchen. This is my mouse. You always think about sth else/your mouse. 1.fact 2.whatever I say, there is nothing you cannot do. You put restrictions in your head.

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