Online Lesson with Master Chen Zhonghua 17th Aug 2021-Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/08/18

The final thing of learning, one piece of puzzle making the difference. 99% leaving on your own to learn, one piece from the teacher. Master Chen went through everyone to find one thing to improve.

Train the rotation alone, after in with elbow in positive circle. In theory, the principle is rotation, in reality, it is two gears rooted into each other, one is the limitation of the other. In the body, one gear is the arm, the other is the torso. Rub the two kua to cause the rotation of the torso, with the center not moving. A wooden board with a nail. You need to have two pieces in both function and shape. It appears to be loose/smooth, or agile, like the rotating door with a strong hard rod. Make the move large and free to start with then look for the high quality. All parts have activity. First level is to do sth, then you think about right or wrong.
The bite/catch on the rotation. Every move is substantial. From choreography to application. Touch-bite-weld. The rotation of the waist has a bite. When the two kua rub, there is an intention aiming inward towards the dantian to bie/别,which causes the thighs to rotate, without moving the knees, the power goes to the toes/heels, then bounce back to your hands. It is like a drill going down. You create the proper torque and catch, every touch breaks bones and draws blood. On out with hand, the bite is on the kua turning and going down spirally. The thighs are rotating. The screw/spiral has two things, one is rotation, the other is distance. The kua creates catch and going down creates distance. It is also a way of going over in another dimension.
The shoulder has to disappear. The shoulder and elbow are in a tube, the shoulder has to go/screw into the elbow. One thing goes into another is disappear. Shoulder goes into elbow creates an infinite line extending, elbow goes into hand, which form a vector. Two independent lines not merging into each other without sharp corners create a curvature. There must be different directions. The power of elbow going into the hand comes from the kua. Kua shoots into elbow. Power of kua comes from rear foot kicking. Upward shooting line. Head-shoulder-elbow is downward shooting line. Kua dance.
Coordination. We need to get rid of individual moves, while we cannot get rid of individual moves. Everything moves individually but overall there is only one move.
My correction, not enough waist rotation in positive circle.

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