Online Lesson with Master Chen Zhonghua 3rd Sept 2021-Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/09/03

Lotus kick. Head, L foot locked, both shoulders down, kua need be loose to create speed like a whip.

Arm and shoulder separation

Consider the whole arm as a larger fist, and use the rest part of the body to propel it.

  1. Lock the hand elbow shoulder triangle shape as one piece.
  2. No active move in this structure.
  3. Use the opening of the armpit as power source to drive the arm to go forward.

The rest part of the body goes to the opposite direction, as a result of the drive. The power created by the arm has to be as strong as a punch.(the foot interact with the floor has to be as powerful as a punch).

Common mistakes

Elbow opens, rear shoulder moves on its own/over turns. Model: lock the hand and elbow as one piece, from elbow everything goes backward to propel the forearm to go forward. Then can lock the whole arm and use the shoulder, lock the upper body and use the kua, lock the whole body and use the feet. Slingshot, lock the two ends, only pull the middle backward, the two ends cannot move.

Dynamic and Static

Dynamic is active. Static is passive. Intention. Only one active part as the lead, so there is a switching. Gears, if there are two, it will jam. In push hands, you either follow the opponents’ system/flow or entice him to yours, then jam it. Don’t force it, the lever is there, whatever it is, you can use it, change the pivot. Like the keyboard, you only move your fingers.

How to lock the arm:

  1. place a stick between your shoulder(arm part) and your hand;
  2. use the other hand to lock/support the wrist.

Vector. Forearm and upper arm, stretch from inside. Resultant vector is the Taiji energy, 出一个(one has to come out). Vector force is in space, cannot be defeated. Method: 1. fixed point; 2.create a real stretch; 3.form a vector.

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