Online Lesson with Master Chen Zhonghua 12th Aug 2021-Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/08/14

Train the shoulders to disappear. Target training with exaggerated moves. Positive circle, make sure the front shoulder does not pop. In with elbow, rear shoulder goes up;out with hand, sink the front shoulder and cave in the chest. Eventually, in with elbow is connected to the kua/dantian/foot, not the shoulders.When your mind is not on the shoulder, when you forget about it, it is relaxed.

Two lines present in the body all the time. One horizontal, one vertical. In with elbow, the arm is on the horizontal plane, the head has a upward push. The circle is 4 curves, 2 horizontal halves and 2 vertical halves. 2 vertical rods(shoulder-kua) dominate the moves, one goes up one goes down to cause the circle.
Formula. From 1/2 to 4/8, there is no change, to make the change, 2 does not move. To adjust the body, you have to be like a play doll. The head and chest adjustment. In theory, it is easy; in the body, it is always wrong. You didn’t do it, but your body did(reflex).
Power is differential. It is the net gain. There is 100 stretch going forward, add 100 going backward/opposite, 100 upward, 100 downward. If you can maintain all the stretches and rotate, the result is 5M. Tangent. Every move is an addition, there is no subtraction, no process of random minus. It is streamlined rotation, plus more. Taiji is adding and subtraction. It is not one move splits into two, it is one move becomes two. 206 bones, one piece, hard. Soft is rotation. Smooth, no edge, no protrusion, no indentation, no corners. Fish, snake, whip, millions of small levers.
Going over. You have to go over sth. A third party object between you and your opponent, independent. It is a non-moving dot in space. It is not pushing. Clear the dot. Peel the shirt off. Separation of two objects, yin and yang. Push hands is to protect your opponent, go around/clear your opponent, go to the other side. An egg in the armpit, you rotate around it. An object/ball in front of you, you bypass everything/clear the ball in 3 dimension. Between your ribs and biceps, forearm and thigh. That is stretching. Six sealing four closing, go over one horizontal ball and one vertical ball. The fight is I am bigger than you, extending.

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