Online Lesson with Master Chen Zhonghua 24th Aug 2021-Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/08/26

Master showed a short video in one of his workshops in Xi’an China in 2018. The topic is to open from inside.
Open triangle model, which only exists in theory, in reality, the angle of the shoulder is 45 degree opening downwards, and the kua is 45 degree opening upwards from the crest line. A typical move in the forms is the armpit opening in double downward squeeze.

Gears. Master Chen often use two cups to show the gears. And this time he placed a paper in between. And when the two gears rotate on the spot, the paper gets pushed forward or back. But seen from above, the gears are considered not moving. This is how the joints open. And when the joints rotate and open, one thing has to come out, that is the paper in between. Without physically placing a paper there, if Master says there is something coming out, it will be hard to understand. When the elbow opens, the two gears, the upper arm and the forearm rotates, and there is a straight line coming out of the elbow crest.
In Taiji, we produce a weapon/tool. Sth has to come out of the body. 1. The grab, the eagle claw. Master Chen trained one move from Hunyuan Great force Method for ten years, and without knowing, he gained the ability. Body goes big, to dantian, then body goes small, cracking sound from the finger joints. Real gongfu is quality improvement by following the procedure. Naturally gained without knowing, like the growth of the body. 2.Twist, is to break sth. 3. Punch, you have to create a hole in the body. Punch covering hand, is to punch through the chest, grab the heart and pull it out. 4. Synthesized, shaking power causes people to jump out, no real damage.
The shoulder. The alignment between the shoulder and kua is like the driveshaft. Two disks parallel on the vertical shoulder kua line, so kua is the shoulder, and the shoulder can engage the elbow. Therefore kua interact with elbow. Shoulder has to mirror the kua, and the shoulder kua line can be stiff when necessary. You don’t have shoulders, it is the extension of the kua. No other body parts (except the hand and forearm goes out passively) go out unless you take a step.
Elbow position. The original position, the finish position, and in between is the trajectory. The original position is not fixed. You can start wherever, but the elbow has to go towards dantian and then to the opposite chest.

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