Just back from the 5th Chen Taiji Practical Method Meetup, Poland 2021 :)

by Thomas Poitreau on 2021/09/03

Just back from the 5th Chen Taiji Practical Method Meetup, Poland 2021, tired but happy.
As usual a great weekend in a great friendly atmosphere.This year we had the pleasure of having a collective zoom course with sifu, it was very great .

After practicing Taiji Practical Method alone for a whole year, this weekend gave me a much better idea of ​​what was correct in my training and what was not. In fact, learning Taiji alone is, in my opinion, a bit like learning to swim without water.
For example, it is very different to practice the “positive circle” alone than to try to do it in application with a partner. So I could feel how important it was to hollow out the chest, and feel the lack of opening of my shoulder, (which will receive a lot of specific training from now on).
Another example is the technics Master Chen showed us, to fell the différents way of rotating the différents parts of the arm to open elbows and shoulders.
Last one : very interesting drills from Damian Jagosz on the application of “six sealing four closing”, wich allow me to undestand the role of the little finger, in locking the wrist of the oponnent.
This meeting between practitioners allows you to confront the techniques, to get in the water to see what works or not.
Many thanks to Damian Jagosz and Pawel Muller, for their experience sharing, and their indications. I keep with me the memory of the applications that Damian showed me and, of these corrections on my Yilu. I keep too, the memory of the exercises that Pawel, Lutz, Martin, Veit showed me and of the different Push and exchanges that I was able to have .
I come back to Bordeaux with a lot of elements to nourish my practice until the next meetup or workshop.
Many thanks also to Master Chen for the exercises he showed us, and which we then were able to deepen between us.
See you next Year 🙂

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