Online Lesson with Master Chen Zhonghua 9th June, 2021-Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/06/11

Turning of the joints. The shoulder position in out with hand in positive circle. Lock the elbow, loose the shoulder. When the opponent does six sealing four closing on your elbow, how to resolve the elbow. The shoulder does not move, only rotate (single whip). The energy should shoot from the shoulder out through the hand, cannot go sideways, the hand is driven forward. Bit and brace, move from inside out. 节节贯穿。Go through, connected moves. Ground dragon, 缠丝功。

The shoulder need be located. The front shoulder should be in front of you. We tend to over turn and the shoulder goes behind us. Single whip out with hand.

Cloud hand. Torso is not involved in the rotation, otherwise it is tossing or double heavy. Our punch is like the pneumatic hammer. The fist is heavy, has no move, and we use the body to push it.

The joints have to go through the threshold. That is training. Cross hands. The arms are pressed open from the cental axis and the shoulders. R arm slightly back and L arm slightly forward. Stretch out and turn over, not lifting the arms themselves. The arms stretch behind, but there is a wall behind that the arms cannot go so have to curl back. Clear the armpits. Isolate the body into two pieces and they interact.

To be grabbed/held/controlled, is one part is linked to the other. When you grab the opponent, using six sealing four closing, you get the forearm, his body gets stiff, you get his waist, his body.

Action and reaction. In theory, it is two way, but in reality, it is one way. Fist and face. Everything is equal, it is only made up in our mind. When we train, we train with single mind. When we learn sth, just learn it, don’t think about the counter. When you make a sword, you only go through the procedure to make sure it is up to standard, you don’t think what if the opponent has a shield.

Movements need be smooth but with strong core, with rigidity in the body. Be distinct. A and B combine without losing A and B. Yin yang separation. Recombined with their own clear functions, like the three parts in the ball bearing. The three steps in stepping should be clear.

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