Online Lesson with Master Chen Zhonghua 30th June 2021-Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/07/01

The lead. Every move is led by an axis/core movement. No wobbling. BWAPTM. 1. elbow leading;2. Baihui-huiyin axis 3. two knees. Block touching coat. Body/central axis rotation leads the movements. Cross the wrists, rotate. Open the arms, lock, rotate. Two moves Master Chen Zhonghua often practices: 1. rotate the forearm on its own vertical axis; 2. standing with arms relaxed, rotate the central axis. Horizontal and vertical rotations.

High pat on horse. The forearm has to catch/bite and lock. Then the catch comes from the two kuas. Torso inside a cylinder, two kuas rubbing the torso, central axis rotates. The two knees need be locked to use the kua to create power. Lock the outside and twist the inside. Crack with the kua. The two arms catching is a variation of six sealing four closing. Rotate with a catch/gear, so it is not on neutral. Push based to lever based/bo. Change/improve one move-one type of move. Complex smooth moves cover flaws, we need to have edged moves with many stopping points, to work on every detail so there is nothing muddy.

Single whip. Lock the upper body to shovel out. Use the kua to crack, with arm rotation and shoulder split/sinking.

Front trick and rear trick. Shake the pole three times. How to use the torso to drive the arms.

Kua position. Kua rub the torso. Two kua are a crooked T. Two moves yin and yang are not in the same plane/dimension. One kua is horizontal, moving forward and back; one kua is vertical, moving up and down, which will cause the torso to go spiral. They are in two dimensions and not reciprocal. Two kua do not see each other, there is not interaction in between. It is the model of one-way valve. A causes B, but controlling B will not affect A. In higher superior level, we step out of mechanical level, moving from physical object lever point to a function(空中一点), it is how you connect and pass the energy.

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