Online Lesson with Master Chen 30th Dec 2020 – Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2020/12/30

– Correction on Six Sealing Four Closing.
My front kua was popping up, but need more horizontal stretch. Also need go bigger.

Arms and shoulders do not move, the chest need to stretch further to go fuller. To expand from inside out. Every part of the body is doing that. Wrist is stretched, fingers are stretching away from the tip of the elbow. Elbow is stretching away from the shoulder. These two stretches will internally solidify the arm, creating stability and power. Master pushed a stick vertically into the floor, when you are pushing without breaking it, the stress within the stick is increasing, it is real but invisible by others. If another person kicks the stick, as he kicks, you press down the stick at the same time, the person could bounce back. This is the body armor strengthening. To create physical change is called Iron Vest(铁布衫). To have the right timing is Golden Bell(金钟罩). To issue power and poke with the hands is Buddha’s Fingers(金刚指). To squeeze and grab is Eagle Claw(鹰爪). Also mentioned Vermilion Palm(铁砂掌), can’t remember what it is for. We are not training these but to give an idea how strong it can be by stretching.

– Taiji directions and points of reference. It is not the physical direction. ‘To go with’ means the train staying on the track. Means to go with the flow, to go with the energy, never change directions, never come back. Master used in with elbow out with hand to explain directions in related to the torso.

– Front trick and rear trick application. Top arm is blocking, it is rotating upwards, bottom arm is attacking the dantian, it is pushed forward. Both moves are propelled by the rotation of the torso, later on it is the back foot. The two arms need to be separated and moving in two different directions.
Wild horse parts its mane. The back arm is pulling and front arm is poking the armpit.
Body parts like to follow each other. Each body part has its own direction, and we train them to stay in the same direction in motion.
Structural power is movements keeping the original position and direction, without collapsing or losing the integrity.

– To clear. The shoulder to go over and clear. In Cloud hands, imaging your chest is held by two parallel boards, it is locked and cannot turn, only move the arms. The chest and the arm, one has to be totally locked, the other is totally moving, separating the arms from the torso. Same corrections for Golden rooster standing on one leg and Step back and whirl the arms. Every move gives you a hard time!

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