Online Lesson with Master Chen Zhonghua 13th Jan, 2021 – Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/01/14

– Form 70 High pat on horse. As step back, the R elbow need to keep going inward behind you. There is a second crack with the elbow as your opponent steps away. The elbow is tied to the kua with a rubber band, so there is integrity.

– Form 73 White ape presents the fruit. R in with elbow, rotate on R shoulder-kua line. Rotate on L shoulder-kua line fist stretches longer on the turn. Rotate the kua, hand does not move, the middle has to be tighter than the rest parts of the body. Elbow needs to aim to touch the kua so the moves are deep.

Step back to double shake feet is similar. Both shoulders need to go over. As the torso rotates, the R hand stretches out. Hand out from the top, it is a positive circle.
Both are six sealing four closing. Master Chen had a video before about this move we need to train 1000 times. Pure Gold

– The softness and the gracefulness in Taiji is a illusion. The body parts need to be strong like steel and flexibility comes from the joints. Like you are holding a steel spoon in the middle with the fingers and swing, go fast enough, it will appear to be a rope.

– Block touching coat. The 4th move, in with elbow, R hand has to be strong, no movement, block like shield. Whatever is being touched, it can not move, move the others.

– Cloud hands. Hands do not go towards each other. They always stay outside the elbows. Inside/outside.

– The jump after the second Flash the back. Jump like a rock, become small and tight in the jump, everything comes into dantian. When land, land big with arms open, like birds landing for balance.

– How to train ‘White ape presents the fruit’ type of move. It is a back fist with a scoop then a jumping thrust. It comes from six sealing four closing, from palm to fist, to go half way and add the waist, then to the jump. This is called chasing moves, with upper body in position and fixed then move the feet. The other type is called neutralizing moves, where you need a strong rod to rotate. Train the fixed moves/fixed model first, the small element move here is the Pure Gold from above video. Then can add the forward and backward shuffling. Example here is doing the circles with moving steps. Then add the waist rotation to go deeper, to make the moves bigger, to cover more distance. Same type of moves in Yilu: Form 18, 48, 67, 70, 73.

– Taiji moves are organized, synthesized, harmonized moves with total independence/separation. Like how the lathe, the vice and chisel work.

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