Online Lesson with Master Chen 7th April 2021

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/04/08

Elbow pressing into the shoulder-hand line, is the same result as, fix the elbow and extend the hand. In both cases, the arm becomes straight. We want to lock the hands, and the body does 90%-100% of the moves. Our moves create size. Master used a stick to show how to lock one side and create size.

Punch covering hand. On the punch, without changing the shape, squeeze the fist tight suddenly. It can also be palm, stretch the fingers suddenly.

Going over is a concept. It is not about directions, but about to the other side. Means extend yourself, no blocking or confrontation. It is stretching.

Jackknife. Hold the handle and open the blade, or hold the blade and open the knife, two sides, yin and yang. When we reverse it, we add function. The martial arts share the same principles but we train in a reversed way. Wherever people holding you, you don’t move it. Practical Method moves are like butterfly moves. It is in a different dimension. No matter how strong you are, you cannot catch it. Like a net rope catches the bear.

Six sealing four closing with moving step (moving one leg staying on the same spot is called loose step). Elbow and rib are rubbing against each other like two gears. Power is from the back foot kicking the floor to repel/pump yourself forward, like a cannon. Sink dantian to rear foot and you feel stretch on the front hand. You become heavy on the feet as stretch downward. Only feel hands and feet, in the middle there is only stretch.

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