Online Lesson with Kelvin Ho 18th Jan, 2021 – Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/01/19

Today we finished going through the first 13 moves of Yilu.

There are way more details than this, but here are some notes especially useful for myself.

Wade forward. L hand do not move until the R hand takes over.

Punch covering hand. Make sure the R shoulder do not go forward with the punch, goes down.

Turn R and pound the mortar. R hand do not move, imagine holding onto a bar. Pull the R elbow inwards, turn the waist toward L, creating stretch on the R side of the body. The R elbow stretches against the hand and two feet. Then lock the elbow, open the hands first, lead with the hands to open. R arm positive circle, L arm negative circle. Then use the chest and kua to open the arms further as the torso turns toward right. Use kua to draw the R elbow in, L arm continues negative circle.

Every move has non-moving dots. As we get more familiar with the forms, for the same move, we can change the non-moving dots to create different stretches in the body.

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