Notes from Master Chen Zhonghua’s Online class on March 5, 2021 – Carlotta Viviani

by Carlotta Viviani on 2021/03/07

During the class I was training the following exercise. I stopped now and then to write down what Master Chen was saying.

Instructions for the exercise:

  • front arm makes a fist
  • at the beginning the front arm is straight, later on we can bend the elbow
  • two sticks: one stick from the fist to the front shoulder, one stick from the front shoulder to the rear shoulder
  • fold the rear shoulder so much that the two sticks create an acute angle
  • lock the two ends: fist and rear shoulder
  • move the middle: the front shoulder moves towards the line in between the fist and rear shoulder
  • power comes from the front shoulder
  • front arm no move
  • train close to a wall

– Every part of the body must behave like a fist. Our mind must have control over the body parts

  • elbow is the easies, it feels almost like the fist because it’s suspended in the air
  • shoulder
  • kua is the most difficult

– The idea is to direct the power  left/right and top/bottom all the way to the rear foot

-Power in the dantian, from inside. The size of the power is only from the kua to the shoulder

– Shoulder physically moves towards the line, but the energy has to go to the fist

– The body changes direction, but the energy cannot change direction. It is called “off but not off”

– Power goes forward, body goes backward. Power and body are not the same thing (see notes from Master Chen’s class on 10th February 2021)

– Linear move/Rotational move. We have to find the rotational move to cause the line to go in and out. But the line cannot be pulled sideways




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