Notes from Kelvin Ho’s Lesson on March 6, 2021

by Barbara Li on 2021/03/07

Importance of practicing yilu diligently – only then will you understand what Master Chen is saying – and your yilu will improve.

One principle 分陰陽 (Splitting Yin Yang).  Example: Left vs Right. You need a vertical central axis to distinguish L from R. (You need 3.) Same with top and bottom.

六字真言: 不動 旋轉 開胯 (Don’t Move; Rotate; Open Kua)

Grandmaster Hong: Hand moves; elbow doesn’t move, Elbow moves; hand doesn’t move.

Half horse stance: width between feet is three times your calf’s length. L foot perpendicular & R foot 45 degrees outward. If you draw a line down from your central axis to the ground, the distance between that point on the ground and your R foot must be less than that between that point and your L foot,

in yilu, every move has a positive circle or a negative circle, maybe not a complete circle, but a partial circle.

Kelvin corrected my positive circle.  A few of his comments/corrections: In the beginning the moves are small. Deal with one restriction at a time.  Once one error is corrected, another error shows up but that is part of the learning process.

Learn like a child not as an adult who compares and analyzes. If you come to Practical Method from another style of taiji or another style of martial arts, do not compare or judge. This will hinder your progress.

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