Online Lesson with Kelvin Ho 25th Jan, 2021 – Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/01/26


First class. Second closing. Fulcrum is central axis. Power on the back heel. Load is on the front hand.

Second class. Brush the knee. Closing the gap, L forearm and L thigh, L shoulder and L kua compressing to each other. The fulcrum is the hand.

Third class. BWAPM, on stepping up. Fulcrum is the left side of the body. Load is on the R hand. Lead/power is on the R elbow/kua. Can change to class two if R hand stretches further out and comes around, the effort is outside, load is on the hand. Same can be for turning flower at the bottom of sea.
Refer to Kelvin’s article

-Form 71. Stretch the R elbow against the two feet and the head. Lock the elbow and L knee, open R kua, lock R kua and R knee, rotate to face to the front.

-Turning flower at the bottom of the sea. Split ourselves into two. Hold/stop the posture so hard to finish but throw ourselves out(不流水), body stops, power is thrown out.

-Parting the wild horse mane is in half horse stance.

-Cross hand. Head is stretching against the two feet. When open, L arm is higher than R arm.

-Fist draping over body. Central axis is maintained. Arm triangle structure is locked(elbow stays bent), squeeze the shoulders into the kua to flip the arm. When out with hand, here it is very easy to stick the elbow out or move the elbow first. We have to lock the elbow in position to lead with the hand. When this happens, I have to twist(拧) my forearm more to bring the hand to the front.

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