Online Lesson with Kelvin Ho 4th Jan 2021 – Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/01/05

Form 9 Walking obliquely on both sides.

Stay on the 45 degree line.

– The kick. Make sure the weight is fully on the R leg. The back is totally locked while doing the kick. Stretch from the back of the leg, push the knee into the kua-heel line. Use the middle part of the bottom of the foot targeting the knee. Heel lands without any moves in the upper body.

– The first rotation. L foot pivots on the heel, turns 90 degrees. R foot is on the toes. L forearm does not move, the rest part of the body folds onto the L forearm. Make sure the R arm is locked into a triangle shape shoulder-elbow-hand. R shoulder is slightly lower than the L shoulder after the rotation. The R knee is touching the back of the L knee.

– Now the weight is fully on the L leg. Pick up the R foot and shovel out along 45 degree line. Foot lands, kua move horizontally, upper body no move. Double negative circle arms open, R arm slightly higher than the left.

– R arm negative circle in with elbow.

– Without moving the L side of the body, especially L knee and kua, open the R kua, pivot on the heel, R foot opens.

– Lock the R shoulder-kua line as axis, rotate with the axis not moving, body flips 180 degrees. L arm negative circle in with elbow.

– L hand down. Palm facing the thigh and touching the thigh. Stretch the L kua, fetch water, L palm facing out, forming a stick with the L hand and R elbow/shoulder. Hold the stick, keep the distance between the hands and stay on the 45 degree line, go under and through the knee. R foot steps in. L palm faces down.

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