Foundation Class Notes – Master Chen Zhonghua Online Zoom Lesson Mon 5 Oct 2020 – Brian Chung

by Brian Chung on 2020/10/05

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Today Master Chen provides instructions and corrections on Six Sealing Four Closing.

– The shoulder has to totally disappear.

– The move is a rotation from the central vertical rod.

– Only rotate from the shoulder. The hand, elbow and shoulder is one piece.

– Master showed how to cause the hand to be flipped upward. The hand, elbow, shoulder and torso was locked as once piece. The flip was caused by turning the torso up. There was no movement on the arm.

– The training is how to force your shoulder to open.

– When we start the move, the hand faces 45 degrees downwards to the floor.

– The move comes from the rotation of the torso. It is not on the arms.

– Lower your shoulder until the energy of the chest bypasses the shoulder and goes to the elbow and hand.

– Exercise: Hold your elbow. Push it up to cause the hand to go out.

– This is a flaw in the description of Taiji. It is totally true that the elbow should be like that of a plummett (always low). This is to sink. The term is plummeting elbow. But that the starting point. Every move your elbow should push up. Pushing the elbow up causes a stretch. This is an important move to correct.

– We start from a certain larger size in order to facilitate the move. Eventually the move can be started from anywhere.

– Exercise to train application: Use the front to engage. Reach a stalemate. Use the rear shoulder and elbow to break out of it.

– The stretch will make you a stick.

– Master showed using a partner exercise the position of the elbow, shoulder and the hollowing of the chest. This caused the energy to go out instead of being stuck.

– The front makes contact. Your body keeps going backward until it hits your rear foot. The front is only there. It does not fight.

– Master related a story about the head looking down. When there is no teacher you will tend to look at yourself. When the teacher is there just do the move.

– Master showed a proportional method to rotate, then hollow the chest to get rid of protrusions.

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