Yilu Class Notes – Master Chen Zhonghua Online Zoom Lesson 6 Jan 2021 – Brian Chung

by Brian Chung on 2021/01/09

– Train the elbow – lock the hand and shoulder, only stretch the elbow. This is a small movement. No move on the hand and shoulder.

– Jade Girl Works at Shuttles – the jump is for length, not height.

– Step Back to Double Shake the Feet – the feet are switching. They cannot jump and land together.

– Second Flash the Back. During the right in with elbow, the move must stretch all the way to the rear foot. Do not make a small move with the arm. The context is that Taiji comes from long fist, not short bridge.

– Reversed Coiling of Forearm. The two hands must reach the two ends. They must be firm.

– My Correction. Review the back as it shows my wings. Master showed how to round the back in a fixed posture. The entire back was rounded from left to right, as well as from top to bottom. When the back is trained, he mentioned a point behind the neck.

– Master showed an exercise to round the back. (1) Start in a normal posture with arm extended in front of you (2) Hollow the chest and push the back out. The two arms and back will form a circle (3) Change the arms into a concave circle by pulling the elbows in. Do not move the back.

– After this was shown physically it was illustrated with two circles.


– Ground Dragon. Dragon refers to a snake. A snake writhing has no direction. Our chest is usually a flat board with a horizontal direction. We must get rid of this. Do not move the arms. Use the kua to cause a huge movement on the torso. The movement has a horizontal component rotation and a vertical component rotation. Master showed this numerous times.

– White Ape Presents Fruit. The punch is on 45 degrees. There is horizontal step on 90 degrees. Master described this as the same as a snowplow – the truck moves forward, the plow is angled, the snow goes out to the side. Having not seen one before, I looked this up it was described as the attack angle of the snowplow.

– Half Horse Stance. Placement of the feet. When the kua is not open, it will cause the feet to raise up off the ground.


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