Online Lesson with Master Chen 27th Jan, 2021 – Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/01/28

-Learning method. Learning is like you have a size 24 bike chain and try to fit on a size 24.5 bike. When you fit the front, the back will not fit; when you fit the back, the front will fall. It is never complete. We have to keep going back and forth until real physical changes happen, until the body is stretched out. Making both sides right is the training. Master has talked about this a few times, such as, we have to learn to advance with flaws, the process of forge, how to get the head and the chest position right, learn to compromise.

-White ape presents the fruit. The main focus here is the fist goes longer. Knee lifting is a modification. The rotation/center/pivot is the L kua. Train small rotation moves from the kua, the rest is adaptation.

-Initial closing. Hold the upper body in position, pull with the lower body power. Lock the outside and move the inside. Two hands hold onto two bars, not moving but can rotate, train to move the inside.

-Train the center not moving. Have to pretend to start, make it stiff and rigid, emphasize the center. We do this to match what not moving is to our body, to recalibrate. To be smooth does not need to be taught. Elbow strike, when stop, the body is one piece, totally rigid. Like throwing a rock, the hand has to hold it tight before the quick release in the end.

-Learn how to combine, move, recombine, move, or lock and unlock. Master used bike chain as example, if there are 30 pieces in the chain, we should be able to lock 10, keep/lock the shape while moving, then unlock, recombine, then move. While moving, don’t change the shape. This is the segmented move. Master explained something similar in last week class here:

-In Erlu, to jump and issue power, you lock yourself into a small piece. In Yilu, when you are moving, don’t move.

-High pat on horse. Lock the arm, use the waist. The arm is the blade of the jackknife (you have a jackknife, but it doesn’t lock). When we lock it, it is either for stability or power(cutting/fighting). Six sealing four closing is virtually horizontal, fetch water is downward. High pat on horse is six sealing four closing using kua to bring it down. This is a type of movements that Master has talked about in this class

-Double downward press/squeeze. Lock the arms and squeeze down. Palm is on the opponent’s kua.

-“You are doing the same move but hoping this time it is better. No. Break the habit and start fresh. It is not about the outer shape or appearance, it is totally different move.”

-Single whip. The primary rule is the power/energy goes out, then you put physical restrictions. How to keep certain shape while energy flows. On the last step out with hand, there is no confrontation, when you are blocked, you go to another direction, and that is a circle.

-Wuji is the preparation for Taiji. Because Taiji is so different and difficult, as beginners, you need to start with raw material, just observe, listen and think about how to move before doing Taiji. As you become better, in the end there is no preparation, you are Taiji instantly, all the moves are Taiji.

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