Yilu Class Notes – Master Chen Zhonghua Online Zoom Lesson 13 Jan 2021 – Brian Chung

by Brian Chung on 2021/01/14

– Elbow/kua relationship. The elbow must touch the kua. Eventually the elbow always aims towards the kua.

– Integrity of the body. Keep the integrity by pulling the shoulders down and the kua up. The two must compress. Master showed this in relation to turning flowers out of the bottom of the sea on the R shoulder and R kua.

– Wavy Spoon/Pencil Illusion. Hold a pencil horizontally and shake it up and down. The pencil is totally firm, but the movement creates an illusion causing us to believe it is soft and wavy. Our body must be totally firm. When you hit it, it is like steel. The movements of the joints cause the illusion of being soft.

– The hands must be bigger than the elbows.

– Whatever is touched cannot move. Move something else.

– Second Flash the Back. When jumping, become small like a rock, pull everything into dantian. When landing, open up large, everything stretches out.

– White Ape Presents Fruit. Erlu has what is called chasing moves. Yilu has fixed moves requiring a rod to rotate. Chasing moves add the movement of the feet and turning of the waist and to make the moves larger, deeper and cover distance.

– Real Learning. Real learning comes after you know the principles and have practiced for a long time. One day, you come across a physical example from your daily life that enlightens you. This example must be first hand knowledge, something you truly understand. Otherwise it is just hearing the words of an example.



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