Self-Correction Notes for Yilu Record 9th Dec 2020 – Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2020/12/08

Some mistakes I recognize by myself.

In general,
1. Fingers and wrists need to be stretched more. Keep tile hand especially my L hand. Sometimes the wrists are bent.
2. Some moves I looked down and lost the position of the head.
3. Not enough KUA.
4. Some of the circles, hand turned by itself.

Some details,
1. First form on the turn, my L hand went up. I have never noticed this until today. Checked some of my old videos and I have been doing this probably since day one. L mid finger supposed to be at the same dot, still in line with the center of chest.
2. Form 13 when turning to the right, my body popped up.
3. Form 17 punch downwards, didn’t lock the elbow, overextended.
4. Form 35 Punch to the ground. My torso leaned forward.
5. Shaking pole three times. Lost the direction of the left fingers. Hand was moving up and down. Daoshou.
6. Fall into split and Step up to ride the whale. Kua did not switch first/enough. Still led by the shoulders.

From Master Chen,
Lower cloud hands is horizontal stepping.

Thank you Master!

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