2021 First Yilu Record and New Year Plan – Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/01/10

Yilu Count: 2863.

I still have some same general mistakes from last month record.

Self correction:
– My head is a bit forward, not suspended enough. Center line is not strong.
– A few places, when doing the stretch, lost the non-moving points.
– First Cloud hands, when out with hand, shoulders popped.
– Single whip, R toes should close more.
– Turning flower at the bottom of the sea, I leaned, lost the axis.

2020 practice record
2020 Record

2021 plan:
1. Continue with online zoom classes.
2. Minimum practice daily: 10 times Yilu, 2 hours.
3. Learn sword and broadsword routines.
4. Continue with weekly teaching classes.
5. Record Yilu once a month.

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