Online Yilu Correction with Master Chen 16th Nov 2020 Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2020/11/17

– First Cloud Hands. 1.Three counts. Follow the steps and procedure. 2. First count, in with elbow need to be very clear. 3. On the second count, open the front kua and turn with the waist. Do it big. 3. On the second count, lock the kua and two knees, only rotate. 4. On the third count, only back kua folds, pivoting on the front kua. 5. Open the front kua – Lock the front kua – Squeeze the back kua to the front kua. Master Chen used first form Pound the Mortar as example to explain how the front kua locked can create power. The sixth move, center of chest is locked, only step up from the kua.

– Forearm exercise. Get somebody to lock the hand and shoulder, only rotate from the elbow. When the elbow gets pulled in, the hand is being pushed out. The two bones in the forearm are moving in opposite directions. This is, to pull in is to push out; to withdraw is to issue. That is the peng energy. Like striking a drum, creating a 2-ended expansion.

– To go bigger and create size. Imagine there is a box and we need to reach the four corners of the size. Set a limit and reach it. This is reaching outwards. Later on the inside also need to reach it. This reminds me what Master says, the outside has to be so big that there is nothing outside, and the inside has to be so small that there’s nothing within. At the beginning it is physical, in the future it becomes an intention.

– Put power and energy into the practice, like you have to break something and create damage.

– Training method. Hold onto two bars so the hands do not move, then move the elbow shoulder kua.

– Learning method. We have to know what moves cause what moves.

– Baihui. Everything has two actions. Wherever the Baihui is, doesn’t matter, from where it is, Huiyin stretches away from it. The first one does not matter, it is irrelevant, only setting a point of reference, can be anywhere. Master used Positive Circle as an example. The in and out can not be on the same track. If it is in from the bottom, it is out from the top. The two move in opposite.

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