Yilu Correction Online Class with Master Chen 4th Nov – Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2020/11/04

-Movements come from the kua, not the shoulders.

-The learning stage. At the beginning, you trace the picture. That is playing/performing Taiji. Later, we need to implement Taiji principles. We have to actually do and practice Taiji. The moves need to fundamentally change.

-Single Whip. Small change palms three times. Elbows need to stay in. Hands locked.
When right hand changed into a hook, left hand comes onto the left chest. Left arm is a concave shape. The point of touching is on the inner forearm closer to the wrist.

-Brush the knee. Don’t move the hands, move the elbow shoulder kua and nothing else. So you can turn around without turning around. If you move your hands, you keep trapping yourself, like tying a knot on you. Example is how you pull in and out the hose.
After the first two turns, the left palm is not facing up.
The turn is from the middle. To go bigger is not moving the hands, but stretch from the center, stretch the elbow from the ribs/kua to open.

-Flash the back. After the first in with elbow, turn the waist to the left a lot, to bring the elbow over and across the demarcation line. Turn around without showing it.

-Lean with the back. Fixed posture back elbow need to line up with the front elbow.

-Step up to double push hands. After in with elbow, on the turn, right elbow and right kua move together. Now you face straight up to the left, then step horizontally to the right to double push hands.

-Change palms three times. Go downwards 45 degree.

-The outside is always navigating/leading, the inside is powering. Like the car, the wheels and steering wheel are navigating and the engine is powering. The power is from the joints.

After this class, I feel my moves are totally destroyed and I have to regather the information and reorganize how to put them together. Thank you Master.


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