Yilu Class Notes – Master Chen Zhonghua Online Zoom Lesson Wed 4 Nov 2020 – Brian Chung

by Brian Chung on 2020/11/04

In today’s lesson, the following students received partial Yilu corrections:
  • Liang Yuhao
  • Alexandra Hasenfratz
  • Sven Gusowski
  • Ong Wenming
  • Mike Menzies
  • James Tam

– In Block Touching Coat, the L elbow and shoulder must turn over in a negative circle.

– When you are tracing you are performing the form. In Chinese we call that playing. Western equivalent we call performing. We actually have to do it. To do Taiji.  By implementing the principles, you are doing Taiji. This changes us to another level.

– Unless you have the circle deeply engrained in your movements, you are still speaking Chinglish. To speak English means that an English speaker can understand you.

– Unless they are your classmate, do not make a comment.

– Your moves must be fundamentally changed.

– When the elbow is in you are forced to rotate the torso. Training method: Use a rubber cord to tie your elbows in towards the body.

Don’t move is a scientific word. It is not a feeling.

– Brush the Knee. Do not move the R hand in the R in with elbow, turn with waist. We all have this problem. Training method: Use a solid object as a point of reference for your hand.

– The purpose of using your elbow is to create a lead. If your hand is leading, you are not doing anything.

– When you lock your hand, the movement has to come from your elbow, shoulder, kua. Nothing else is allowed to move period.

– You turn around without turning around.

– Rubber cord example using three dots.

– When we move our hand, your movement will always naturally tye a knot on your body.

– Example of a spool. When pulling the cord in – turn the spool. When releasing the cord out – pull the cord.

– Fist Under Elbow. The front hand never faces up. (L palm in Fist under elbow / L palm in Brush the knee )

– Flash the Back. Master showed the change of side based on a demarcation of R hand and elbow.

– Single Whip. Ensure the forearm is touching your chest. Master showed there is a dot in the middle of your forearm around 2 inches down from the wrist that touches your chest. Tile hand.

– Lean with Back. Rear and front elbow must line up.

– When stepping to the left to Step Up to Push with Two Hands, the R elbow and R kua must move together.

– Hong’s hand was always on his chest. Practice this when talking to friends.

– When stepping to the left to Step Up to Push with Two Hands. Master showed the straight line to step up using a stick on the floor. The next move is perpendicular to this line. There are 4 dots for placement of the feet. The move is actually perpendicular. It visually appears to be diagonal but it is not.

– Master demonstrated how to move from the inside in Brush the Knee. Doug was locking onto both of his arms and was unable to stop it.

– The outside is Navigating (can also use the word to lead). The inside is Powering. Example of a Car: The outside is four wheels driven by the steering wheel. Power is the engine.

– Power must come from the joints.


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