Yilu Correction Online Class Master Chen 11th Nov – Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2020/11/11

– Levels. On level one, we learn the choreography. On level two, we coordinate the moves. On level three, we learn the energy alignment and are able to manipulate.
If you are in level three, all the moves are from the core, the baihui to huiyin vertical line. Everything else is passive, they only adjust. It is the vertical line ties everything together. You can train exaggerating the moves of the torso, without compromising the structure.

– Moves go bigger so all the corners are open.

– Punch covering hand. The elbow is never straight. Put the elbow on a table and it is locked. Stretch from the shoulder, from the upper fist to the punch, it creates a spiral line, it is twisted. The tip of the elbow is facing down. If it is facing sideways, the elbow is straight, there is no twist, no spiral.

– All power comes out of T. Two balls touch, it is a T, like two gears. Yin is rooted in Yang and Yang is rooted in Yin, that is a T.
Master Chen uses Cloud Hands as example. There is a horizontal circle and there is a vertical circle. There is orientation of power and orientation of transition.
T- Cloud hand

The knee line is vertical, the kua line is horizontal, forming a T.
Master explained with two cards forming a T supporting each other with space in between. And that space is the secret, it is the armpit space. Forming the T shape makes sure there is energy interaction. If they are just parallel, there is no interaction. And that space is the bevel, it makes sure the power goes to the two lines.

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