Online Foundation Class with Master Chen 9th Nov – Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2020/11/09

The move is six sealing four closing like, but the training focus is different. Focusing on converting the power from the torso to the fingertip by rotation.

-1. There are two tubes. The torso is in a vertical tube, and the arm is in a horizontal tube. The two tubes are separated. Like two gears have a bite but can rotate on its own axis. It does not follow each other.
2. The elbow need to go directly into the hand. Elbow need to screw to the hand. It is an extension without changing directions. Arm is in the tube, and every part of the arm need to go through the same dot.

– Waist has a vertical rotation, but also need to go horizontally. The horizontal move will enhance the size of the power. That is the bevel gear.

– When the arm moves by itself, the power is absorbed by the arm. The power need to go out through the hand. So shoulder is locked, it is a dead end, elbow goes to the hand through the forearm. Shoulder can not go to the hand in the air.

– Two gears. 1.The two gears have a bite/catch while they rotate on its own rod. 2.There is a casing outside the two gears/disks. The case is so tight that no movements/tossing are allowed, they can only rotate.

– Power ratio. Waist is five, elbow is three and hand is one. If 15 units of power is generated and 5 is out, then that is compressed power; if 20 is out, that is tossing.

– Shoulder is tied to a string downwards to the kua. Whenever it wants to pop, it has to go down.

– Arm is trapped in between two parallel boards, locked in the slot. It always stay in the same plane. The shape does not change.

– Partner training. Elbow is driven into the hand.

– Sandbag training. Narrow long sandbag according to your size. Sand take 1/3 of the space. Hold onto the ends and stretch the sandbag out. Keep that stretch. Lock the upper body structure and use the waist to turn, causing the sand rushing from one end to the other, without going all over the place.

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