Foundation Class Notes – Master Chen Zhonghua Online Zoom Lesson Mon 2 Nov 2020 – Brian Chung

by Brian Chung on 2020/11/02

In today’s lesson there were 47 class participants.

– Lock two ends and move the middle. Of the three parts, designate as follows: shoulder (A) / elbow (B) / hand (C). In this diagram, the action is on (B).

– The difference is in intention. It is called to lead.

– Example of to lead: Master picked up a yellow rubber cord from his table in three ways by selecting three points to hold. Consider the three points as (A) front end / (B) middle / (C) rear end. Unless the two ends are designated, you cannot identify the difference between picking up the cord from (A) or (C). The end result is different.

– In Taiji our body must develop two qualities. To become a rope and a stick.

– When your lead changes, it changes angle, size, direction, shape. Whatever is real you cannot see. The outer surface is the same.

– Further example of to lead: Master used an example with a rectangular board. Divide the area into four quarters, and designate the four corners as W / X / Y / Z. Unless the four quarters are coloured differently , you cannot tell the difference when the board is picked up from a different corner. However in each of the four cases, the end result is different.

– The elbow must be placed at the bottom, the movement is always upward.

– The Elbow (B) must move towards (A)-(C) line.

– Place the (A)(B)(C) on a flat board. While doing that the board rotates around the (A)-(C) line.

– Story about Feng’s elbow.

– The upward move of the elbow and kua.

– Wedged power. Master introduced the concept of wedged power. This occurs when you move the middle.

– Example of a Door Wedge. The tip and the back never touches – only the middle. When you move the wedge into the gap between the door and the floor, you are actually moving the middle.

– We should never believe we got it. All the things we teach are totally counter human. When we let go of the attention, we go back to our original self. This is a learning method.

– Mechanical energy is many times stronger than human energy.

– The hand must carry weight.

– To understand means that you do not know anything, you can follow instructions.

– Master showed that in Six Sealing Four Closing, the hand continues on the same line. The kua and knee causes it to go down.

– Clear movements give you power. Muddy movements do not.

– Power is a yang energy. Yang energy goes up.

– Training method – the use of physical support for your body allows you to let go.

– Every joint has a minimum of two parts. When we move, only move one part.

– When we do this correctly, this becomes to stretch. The result is an extension.

– The movement is only from the elbow to the hand.

– In the future, when you make the move, your shoulder should have the intention of moving backward. There is a wall on the back causing the energy to bounce back out.

– In the future, this move must come out when we do push hands.

– Intention comes from you, lead is a physical act.

– If you know what to do, that is your intention.

– The true intention is without intention.

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