Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Nov. 4, 2020 – Kelvin Ho

by Kelvin Ho on 2020/11/04

Turning around without turning around.  This is referring to moving the elbow, while the hand and shoulder are not moving.

Moving the hand will tie a knot in the body.  Thinking of how to reel in with the spool to bring in the hose, and how to get the hose out by holding the end and pulling it out.

All important moves are difficult.

Lean with back

  • Left elbow aligns with the Right elbow

Left Turn Pound Mortar

  • The right kua must be tied to the right elbow during the left turn.
  • Right foot goes forward, and then steps to the right.
Single Whip
  • The left hand rests on the left chest. There is a dot just below the wrist on the forearm that touches the chest. The wrist is straight, and the hand is a tile hand (stretching).

Brush the Knee in Oblique Stance

Moving the inside, e.g. Lock the hands, move the shoulders.

All movements come fron inside: elbow, shoulder, kua.


About Kelvin Ho

Kelvin Ho, Master Chen Zhonghua's 97th disciple, is the instructor for Practical Method Toronto. He has been teaching and promoting the Practical Method system in Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Canada since 2011. He has received numerous medals in various Taiji competitions. He is also a vice-president of MartialArts Association Canada. Like his teacher, he feels an obligation to pass this great art onto others. Contact:

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Gora Nebulana November 4, 2020 at 5:13 pm

Very good notes Shixiong.
I think I already post my note butvIn dont know if I get it right. Thank you


Kelvin Ho November 4, 2020 at 5:59 pm

I meant to put it as a separate post (not comment) at this website. Thanks.


James Tam November 5, 2020 at 8:40 am

Thank you Kelvin! Excellent succinct and comprehensive notes.


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