Yilu Class Notes – Master Chen Zhonghua Online Zoom Lesson Wed 14 Oct 2020 – Brian Chung

by Brian Chung on 2020/10/14

In today’s class the following students received partial Yilu corrections:

  1. Jody Hall
  2. Paddy Hanratty
  3. Mike Menzies
  4. Yuxin Liu
  5. Paul Pryce
  6. Ong Wenming
  7. Brian Chung

The primary topic of today’s lesson was Going Over.

– Master related a story about his learning experience. Everything was learnt without knowing. Students always ask, how did you get it? When did you know you have certain abilities? What did you feel? The answer is he did not know. The so called special Taiji abilities were identified after the fact verbally and physically from his teacher and Taiji brothers.

– Natural beauty is something you do not know.

– Whenever something is important it has to have size, speed, power, protruding angle. In order to show something it must be seen. The reverse of this is a method to hide something. Example: When you speak a phrase, to emphasise something is to place an accent or stress on that sound.

– Concept: Wuji bi fan (物极必反). Matter extreme must reverse. When you follow the rules and do something, at its extreme the matter reverses itself. The extremity of Yin becomes Yang. This is a direct translation of the theory of the landmark principle of Yin Yang. When something goes to its extreme has to become something else.

– Exercise: Place your elbow on your table. Push the shoulder down to cause the hand to rotate upwards. This is in reference to Step back to Whirl Arms on Both Sides.

– Concept: Your body is in the middle of a box. You must touch three points of the box to make you solid. Example: Buddha’s Warrior R hand out sequence. (1) Lock L shoulder. R hand out. (2) Lock R hand. L shoulder out. (3) Lock the L shoulder and R hand. R elbow down.

– Brush the Knee. No pulling. We must get rid of these moves. The hand cannot move. The shoulder must turn over.

– Master showed the alignment of Small Change Palm Three Times (Six Sealing Four Closing). The source of movement is on your shoulder. The movement is on your elbow. This is a primary action that causes us to have levered power. The action comes from inside the elbow.

– Weapons are not allowed to go sideways period.

– Taiji fundamentally changes you. In a related story, Master Chen’s enlightenment came 3 years after coming to Canada. It took 3 years to fundamentally change from Chinese to English. The change was from speaking from translation from Chinese to English, to one day totally switching over to think, dream and speak in English. The two are fundamentally different modes of operation.

– My Yilu correction:

  1. Work on the going over of the kua.
  2. In Fetch Water, the segementation of move must be clear. I am starting to merge.
  3. Work on the final turn right in Pound Mortar to emphasise the vertical line. The size of the vertical rod can be regulated to be very small.

– In 4. Single Whip, my Kua needs to go over. Master showed the twisting of the kua required with his body. He then showed the twist required by having his two palms with his fingers together facing different directions. He rotated the palms to face the opposite direction such that they are still facing different directions.

– This going over is the same as the left shoulder in pole shaking. Release the left bicep out without moving the chest. Halfway as your initial move gets stuck, the shoulder turns over and switches to the opposite side. The action has switched from the bicep to the chest with the shoulder as the demarcation. This is the turning over of the joint.

– This also occurs with the R shoulder in Buddha’s Warrior. As the arm extends and get stuck, the shoulder turns over and switches to the other side.

– Master gave a visual explanation of the spiral and when the line goes over.

– Kelvin Ho expressed that this is the Inflection Point.

– Look at the elbow crankshaft of the old train system. This is our method of creating a rotation from a stick. The crankshaft has two distinct sounds (stuck and unstuck). All our Taiji moves has to have this.

– Dantian nei juan (丹田内转) allows us to go over.

– Every time you must get stuck. Then it goes over to the other side.

– The litttle bit is called the Agility. The catalyst. It gives your form life.

– To go over is to be on 50/50 and add less than one.

– Master explained that we can regulate the size of the rotation. He had Anton grabbing his upper chest and back. By making the size of the vertical rod very thin and rotating it, Anton was thrown out.

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