Foundation Class Notes – Master Chen Zhonghua Online Zoom Lesson Mon 19 Oct 2020 – Brian Chung

by Brian Chung on 2020/10/20

In today’s class, the following students received Foundation corrections while the class had the benefit of watching.

  • Sven Gusowski – Fetch Water
  • Raymond Dickey – Six Sealing Four Closing
  • Tomasz Raganowicz – Six Sealing Four Closing
  • Fung Chern Hwei – Positive Circle

Fetch Water

  • I missed the very beginning of the class. The following definition was repeated later. T bar. Horizontal is a called a bar. Vertical is called a rod. Only a rod can rotate.
  • The arm cannot be too straight, or too short.
  • Chart of the River. All adds to 15.

Six Sealing Four Closing 

  • Prime directives (1) Two hands are on same line (2) Proportional
  • Rotation is an adjustment in order to stay on the line.
  • Everyone’s rear shoulder is rotating too much.
  • Master showed a method to ensure the rear elbow stays on the line. When the rear elbow reaches the desired position, stretch the rear shoulder.
  • Master showed what it is to sink vs going up and down. This adjustment is required in all of our moves.

Positive Circle

  • In move three, out with hand, we must turn over.
  • In order to do this, something has to be left behind Example: Front knee
  • Example: Six Sealing Four Closing. Front hand stops, rear hand continues.
  • Example: Walking over a threshold. One foot must cross at a time.


  • Master showed how to go up the stairs using the kua.
  • Going over a peak / threshold / demarcation / line / the cliff. Each term has an orientation.
  • Wu guo bu ji (?) – Neither over nor deficient.
  • To draw a circle is the wrong terminology. We use a rotation to complete a circle.

Negative Circle

  • On the way in, elbow leads, on the way out, hand leads.
  • Elbow is leading upwards, Hand is leading downwards.
  • The rotation and circle must coordinate. Two gears must match.
  • Master showed a physical example of pulling a rubber cord off the floor by holding one end (A). The other end (B) of the rubber cord does not leave the floor until the rest of the cord has been lifted, led by (A). On our body this means that on the way in, the hand cannot lead.
  • We need to resequence the energy of our body parts.

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