European Practical Method Meet-Up 2020 in Żywiec Poland

by Thomas Poitreau on 2020/09/16

Participating in the European Practical Method Meet-Up 2020 in Żywiec in Poland was a great joy for me. 119777386_1307293036274093_4148120643263121941_n

Coming from France and new to TaiJiQuan Practical Method, this meetup allowed me to practice intensely and closely with Damian Jagosz and Pawel Müller. I was thus able to experience the very concrete modalities of the Tajiquan Practical Method. I learned a lot, and i can hardly find the words to express my feelings so much this weekend has marked the passionate martial artist that I am. Of course the atmosphere of frank camaraderie that reigned all weekend (these Polish guys are super cool !!!) was really enjoyable, but above all the technical quality of the teachers was incredible! It seems to me that all the participants felt they were very lucky to be present. To tell you: we started the Sunday practice at 6 o’clock in the morning, to finish, carried by enthusiasm and passion (and maybe also a small can of armagnac that I had brought from bordeaux;)) to 3 am. Foundation, Applications, Yilu13, work with rubber bands, exercises by Tuishou, Damian and Pawel, they went out of their way to give us a memorable weekend. They have all my gratitude and all my friendship. I came away from this event more determined than ever to commit to Taijiquan Practical Method, and I am reserving my place in advance for next year’s event.

Thank you all 🙂

Thomas Poitreau


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