Yilu Notes – Master Chen Zhonghua Online Zoom Lesson Wed 16 Sep 2020 – Brian Chung

by Brian Chung on 2020/09/16

Today, Master Chen provided partial Yilu corrections for the following students:

  • Sven Gusowski
  • Chris Martinez
  • Candra Lo
  • Felicia Fong
  • Gora Nebulana
  • Kevin Chen

13. Buddha’s Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar

– Four corners of the hand. Your elbow, shoulder, kua continuously pull your hand into a curvature. The square box becomes a circle. It is a three dimensional ball.

  1. Elbow
  2. Kua and Elbow
  3. Kua and Torso
  4. Kua

– The upper body does a square, the lower body does a circle. This is Revolution with Rotation.

9. Walk Obliquely in Twist Steps

– Lock your R elbow into a triangle.

– The elbow becomes the hand. The hand must be in front. Everything else has to give way.

15. Fist Draping Over Body

– Grappling fish. You are not doing anything for real. You are faking it.

– Master teaches using a noise to indicate the usage of power. When you hear the noise, you are linking your elbow to your kua, and crunch your stomach. The hand has no movement.

12. The Fist of Covering Hand

– Exercise: Hold the elbow in. Turn the hand out and straighten the wrist.

12. The Fist of Covering Hand

– The R hand faces up until it lines up for the punch. While extending, it turns to face down.

9. Walk Obliquely in Twist Steps

– After Fetch Water. Maintain the line from the front hand to rear elbow. Do not lose the front.

11. Wade Forward in Twist Steps

– When your hand is out, it cannot come back.

– Reversal of direction. Dao shou. Example: Inchworm example with a pen.

– This provides the ability to change the front into the back wihtout your opponent knowing.

2. Block Touching the Coat

– When pulling the elbow in. Front does 1/4. Rear does 3/4. The front appears to do 1/2 because of the waist.

Further Comments

– The process is to grind down the corners so there are no no more corners. The biggest corner is the shoulder. The kua is the biggest indentation.

– Master showed how he grinds down his thumb joint.

– Your body must move 9 times more.

– Going over the threshold. The threshold for the elbow is very large.

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