North York class March 16

by adriennesoles on 2017/03/19

1) Today we practiced not moving the knee forward during movements involving steping forward. Think of “stretching” hamstring and calf muscle as if knee pushing those 2 points apart (like a triangle )

Corrections in first movement when arms leads out to right after foot shovels forward-should be a positive circle leading with hand.

Also in first move as arms sweeps through to front, lead with elbow and don’t let arm or elbow drop lower.

In second movement correction was to make sure I never see my palm. Don’t turn wrist.


2) White Crane Spreads its Wings

Cross wrists right on top , stretch fingers.

Step right foot back at 45 degreee angle landing on ball of foot with weight still on left leg

Simultanesouly reach arms forward away from body during the step back. Remember to twist wrsits outwards and keep fingers spread out

Shift weight to back leg/right foot so front heel is light

Round/ “stretch” the back as right kua knee opens outwards. I tend to side bend to left so need to shift a bit right to be vertical on right leg

Pull or drag left front heel in as right arm lead with fingers towards target in postivie circle “elbow in”while left hand ends up palm over left knee with left foot parallel.


3)Push hands

It’s about filling space, not pushing

The stretch is along the vertical length not the horizontal (in reference to forearm in example)

Concept of rotation-there is a relaionship between a non-moving and a moving part

Hand position: stretch finges without knuckes popping up. Thumb is close to  index finger and base of palm folds a bit.


4) Postive circle correction-just stick to directions. Rest of body responds to make that one direction happen. Don’t turn wrist. The rotation is in the forearm instead.




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