Edmonton Workshop 11/2010

by Kim Allbritain on 2010/11/21

Having just arrived home from the frozen tundra of Edmonton, it’s nice to be back in Tampa. The seminar was just what I needed. If any of you have spent time refinishing wooden furniture you may appreciate this. Start with an old scratched up painted and confused piece of wood like a bookcase and strip it all the way down to it’s base, sand out the scratches  smooth so the original grain shows clearly. Then oil & polish it.That’s what we did for a week with our Chen. We started from scratch with our circles. Learned to move our Kua all over again, then our shoulders, then our legs, chests and backs. Master Chen took us all the way down to nothing and then slowly built us back up again. I for one believe this was just what was needed. I had accumulated bad habits, confusion and other impurities in my movements. I believe now my practice will bear some fruit.

I want to thank Master Chen for his patience as he has told us all these things many times before, we just were not doing them.
But really, about the -20 degree temps, we have to do something.

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