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1425492_10201477324005500_882214807_oI just made it home from the workshop in Puerto Rico. I had a wonderful time, far too short. Master Chen’s teaching and guidance was exemplary as usual and much appreciated.
I met and made a lot of new friends, brothers and sisters on this path to learning Chen. A special thanks to Raul Pujol, Rafael and Olga for their kindness and hospitality. They made the trip easy and enjoyable.
I will definitely get another trip planned for the near future where we can get together for some training and more. Thanks again guy’s.

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Having just arrived home from the frozen tundra of Edmonton, it’s nice to be back in Tampa. The seminar was just what I needed. If any of you have spent time refinishing wooden furniture you may appreciate this. Start with an old scratched up painted and confused piece of wood like a bookcase and strip it all the way down to it’s base, sand out the scratches  smooth so the original grain shows clearly. Then oil & polish it. Read more

Instruction in Chen Style Practical Method  is by appointment only.

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