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Originally written by: Lyle Little

Subject: comments

Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 10:41:17 -0600

From: Lyle & Bonnie Little Read more

Originally written by: Lyle Little
I would like to thank Norm Magee and his wife for all the hard work and extras that they did on our behalf. Camp Shawnigan is a beautiful location nestled on Vancouver Island. Read more

Originally written by: Andy Hosler
All things considered I would say it was a better venue than camp thunderbird. The food was awsome and the kitchen staff really went the extra mile for us. The dorms were comfortable with lots of room for personal gear, even closets. The only thing lacking was expresso for the italian contingent…..

Originally written by: Mossimo Neresini

Dear Gordon,

first of all thanks again for everything.

I  am writing also on behalf of Master Bon and Daniele and we would like to tell you that the Victoria experience met all our expectation; so we learnt a lot from the great Master Chen. Moreover we appreciated a lot Bill’s and your availability and experience in looking after us. As to the Camp accommodation everything was fine: food was excellent and in great quantity, fab fellows and comfortable bedrooms. Read more

Originally written by: Vanessa Hammond
Hi Gord, 

I learned a lot and enjoyed my time. 

Camp feedback: 
The food was good, plentiful and nutritious. 
Thanks for moving the evening meal to a later time. Thanks for accommodating for the stronger coffee for those who enjoy a stronger brew. 
Rooms and bathrooms clean. 

Master Chen Feedback: 
I really appreciated the individual attention that Master Chen was able to give during the drills and practice time. 

I am looking forward to receiving the DVD and and link to the website to follow up and consolidate the learning from the week. 

Originally written by: Daniel Kahn

Hey Gord,
As I said, I had a great time. Even the weather contributed to the focus on taiji ;-)

Here are four thoughts that occur to me. All are minor.

1) laundry facilities would have been welcome.  Read more