Taiji Traditions 2009 comments by Jay

by Jay Smith on 2009/11/10

Originally written by: Jay Smith

I recently spent a week at Camp Shawnigan and I was pleased with my stay there. The overall Facility was clean and well kept with beautiful scenery surrounding it. At one point I noticed a toilet was out of order and within a few hours it was repaired and back in working order.  

The food was fantastic, great tasting with a good variety daily. One day I  fell asleep and missed lunch by about 1/2 hour and went to the cafeteria to grab a piece of fruit to hold me over till supper time  ( fruit is left out for us to help ourselves)  one of the cafeteria staff asked me I was hungry I told her I missed lunch and she Quickly offered to get me some leftovers, I told her no thanks and she then offered to make me a sandwich, she seemed genuinely concerned that I had missed lunch, I was impressed.  

I found Norm to be very friendly and helpful when we required some supplies for our classes and great to work with.

I hope we are lucky enough to have our annual gathering at Camp Shawnigan next year, looking forward to staying there again.  


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