Taiji Traditions 2009 comments by Bruce

by Bruce Van Slyke on 2009/11/10

Originally written by: Bruce van Slyke


I had a great time, I just wish I did not have to leave early. Ironically enough, because of a huge snow storm in Denver, I ended up spending Thursday in Victoria (not a bad thing, a few pints at the Bard and Banker sat rather well with me) but I ended up flying home on Friday after all! Oh well…   

As for the camp, I thought the facilities and location were great. It was clean and comfortable. Food was good and plentiful. And the gym was large with lots of room to practice without running into the person next to you.

Of course Master Chen’s instruction was first rate. As I observed on the first day, there is a lot more than I can absorb, but I try to retain as much as possible. I think you mentioned that in the future, there could be sessions devoted to Master Chen and others that were handled by the more senior students. That would work for me as well, I would say that is Master Chen’s call. I always appreciate his dedication to teaching the art and I try to take in at least some of what he shares (though it probably does not show in my form!). It might also be nice to have a session or two dedicated to working on sword or broad sword. I know that often times, some part of the group would have ad hoc training sessions, but for someone who does not know them, it might be good to have a session on “beginning sword” and “beginning broad sword”. I would think some senior students would handle these classes and it would give Master Chen a break during the week. I certainly had no problem with the way things were organized this year and if they run next year in the same fashion, it would be okay with me, I got a lot out of the camp. I am just trying to share some thoughts.

One other idea, if there is going to be an afternoon outing, like we had to the cidery, perhaps schedule that at the mid-point of the week. 3 full days, then an afternoon off for a field trip, then back to 3 full days. Even a day with an afternoon off would likely include a morning and evening session.

As always, it was great seeing you and Barb. Pass along my regards to Master Chen as well!!!


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