Chen Style Tajiquan Practical Method
Grandmaster Hong Junsheng

General Principles
o Peng
Peng has been one of the most talked about topics in Taijiquan. Hong defined Peng as having two meanings: one is the upward expanding action of ward-off and the other the overall combined expanding energy that permeates all moves of Taiji. It is the latter meaning of Peng that is most important to him. “Without Peng, there is no Taiji.” Read more

To Follow i

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One part of the body always likes to follow the direction of movements of other parts of the body. This will cause tossing and collapsing. If you observe people practice Taijiquan, you will notice that this is a very prevalent problem.

When one’s own body parts follow each other, there will be no possibility for rotation in the body.

The cloud-like moves usually are the result of the mistake. It is something to be circumvented, not something to be desired.

Originally published Nov 2007

Habit 1

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Paramount in human behavior is habit. Habit is the hidden addiction that controls every human. The human learning curve is a downward line as we age.

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One of the most important tasks of Hunyuan Qigong practice is to “calm down the mind of the monkey and the intent of the horse.”
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Taiji Sword is one of the most important weapons of the Chen Style Taijiquan system. The use of the sword is the same as the way energy is manipulated in the barehand form. We talk about two aspects in this lesson.

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