Zheng Manqing on Zhong Ding

by webmaster2 on 2008/03/24

“Center of gravity is the Zhong Ding of Taijiquan” -Zheng Manqing, On Taijiquan. p. 17.

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jchan August 27, 2008 at 5:45 pm

I don’t like this quote. To me this is an empty quote that leads me nowhere.

I saw shifu’s “check list one” a few days ago. Incidentally, I was also discussing with Si similar self checks at the end of each posture. I like “check list one” because I feel that is a method for me to try to scratch the surface of zhongding. Repeating “check list one” below.

1. Head up and spine vertial line is straight.
2. Hand out and elbow in.
3. Stance as low as possible. In horse stand, the kua should not be lower than the knee.
4. Do not bend the wrist.

The kua is also an integral part of zhongding. Their movements are describe in other mini lessons.


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