Elbow Strike 1

by webmaster2 on 2012/11/10

This is a simple application of elbow strike called “Shun Lan zhou” in Yilu Number 62.

Demonstrated by Chen Zhonghua and Daniel Mroz on Feb. 21, 2008 in Edmonton, Alberta. Photos were taken by Allan Belsheim.

The final move should be the elbow strike but in doing this as a drill, the strike is modified to avoid injuries. The begining move is also adapted so that the elbow strike can be used when the opponent issues a frontal punch.

  1. Ready position.
    Chen Zhonghua in checkered shirt. Daniel Mroz in black pants and grey shirt.
    Daniel issues a front punch to Chen’s face.
    Chen is ready.
  2. Block.
    Chen block with right forearm and left hand protecting the center. This is the begining move of Yilu (hand positions are opposite of the form). As Daniel is taller than Chen and the strike is high, Chen’s right forearm is higher than normal. This makes the move more or less the Front Trick of Yilu.
  3. Step in and get the waist in.
    Make sure that the left shoulder remains “small”. Don’t push your opponent out.
    Make sure that you get your waist in as much as possible.
    Stepping can be both behind your opponent’s leg or in front of.
  4. opposite view of No. 3.
  5. Elbow performs an up and down rotation to knock the opponent out. Here this photo shows the way up and how the opponent is already caught.
    Elbow should strike down and back in a spiral.
    Left knee should not move or retreat. It should slightly move forward to act opposite of the elbow.

Originally published 02/22/2008

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allanbelsheim February 22, 2008 at 1:28 pm

Photo 5 shows Daniel caught and just starting to be launched up and away and it is apparent on his face that “bad things” are happening to him. Microseconds later, Daniel was spun away. Excellent demo of this move and application!


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