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by Michael Koh on 2015/10/29

2015 workshop dates Dec 12th & 13th contact: michaelkoh@practicalmethod.sg

Our first DaQingShan micro-movie production.

Director : Michael Koh

Action Director : Ray Guan

Photography : David Koh

Costume Sponsor : 苏州舞桐树艺术培训有限公司, 曹爱英 : 13771868866

Cast : Chen Xu, Janet Ho, Ling ZiLi, Cao Ai Ying

Video clips below
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May 1: More students are coming up to the mountain to learn from Master Chen.

Thoughts: When teacher teaches us a principle, we quickly “interpret” into something we already know. This is not learning. This is teaching ourself. We lost the real teachings. The right way is to take notes verbatim. Don’t need to understand right away. Follow the method.

May 2: Touch more points. It is like typing on a typewriter with all your fingers instead of typing with one finger.

Each movement requires a non-movement to support.

Dont Move is absolute in space. Don’t Move is relative. Don’t Move is also directional. Read more

Another version:


Hosted by Chen Style Taijiquan Association Singapore.




Hosted by Singapore Chen Style Taijiquan Association and Braddell Heights Community Centre

Ge Chun Yan talks about her first movie (Wu Ling Zhi), her learning with Lei MuNi, Feng ZhiQiang, Tian XiuChen, Hong Jun Sheng. Her comment on Master Chen Zhonghua and DaQingShan. Her involvement in the latest movie (Yi Dai Zhong Shi) and lastly her Martial Art School in Singapore.



Interview with Master Xu JingGe (in Chinese language)

June 10, 2014

Master Xu was invited to DaQingShan 2014 as chief judge.  

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Ling Kok Keng’s Interview

June 9, 2014

Mr Ling Kok Keng (Singapore) was invited as a judge in the 2014 DaQingSHan TaiJi Push Hand Competition.  

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Michael Koh’s Yilu on snow covered DaQingShan 2014 Feb

February 22, 2014
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Chen Xu and Lawrence Koh Practical Method form competition in Singapore 2013 Dec

December 29, 2013

  This is Chen Xu’s first competition outside China. Also Lawrence’s first competition in Singapore.

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Singapore #3 Practical Method Workshop

December 17, 2013

We have just completed our 3rd Singapore Practical Method Workshop, 14th & 15th Dec, 2013. These are pictures of the workshop. If you want to know more about future Master Chen’s workshop in Singapore, please join our Singapore facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/PracticalMethodSingapore/  

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Michael Koh’s visit to DaQingShan 2013

June 3, 2013
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Master Ge ChunYan

April 19, 2013

Master Ge ChunYan(戈春艳) was involved in the production of a Hong Kong movie “The GrandMaster”, “一代宗师”. She taught the leading actress Ms Zhang ZiYi “BaGuaZhang” for her role. Master Chen has invited Master Ge to DaQingShan from 25th to 31st May to teach BaGuaZhang.

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No feedback

August 12, 2012

“So when you feel you are doing it right, you are absolutely wrong; when you do it right, you don’t know it. There is 0 biofeedback, so the only thing left is to watch your own video and listen to the teacher’s instructions.” Master Zhonghua Chen

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Chen Xu Push Hand Pt 1

May 31, 2012

Chen Xu is staying at Daqingshan this summer. He switched to practical method after pushing with Charlie Gordon in 2010 tournament.

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Introduction to DaQingShan

May 23, 2012
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My yilu infront of YuLangGe May 2012

May 21, 2012
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DaQingShan 2012 May 09

May 9, 2012

It has been a year. I pretty much did about 1,500 yilu’s till date. This trip, I like to focus a little more in push hand to experiment the moves in the form. The yilu’s I did has given me strength. I feel more stable and not as whimsy compared to last year.

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