Singapore #3 Practical Method Workshop

by Michael Koh on 2013/12/17

We have just completed our 3rd Singapore Practical Method Workshop, 14th & 15th Dec, 2013. These are pictures of the workshop. If you want to know more about future Master Chen’s workshop in Singapore, please join our Singapore facebook group at


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michaelkoh December 17, 2013 at 8:00 pm

This is our 3rd Singapore Practical Method Workshop. I can feel the excitement of the attendees at the beginning of the workshop, especially from those who have witnessed Chen Xu’s push hand skill during the competition which was held one week before. This workshop, with Chen Xu’s assistance to Master Chen provided a more in-depth look into Practical Method’s push hand technique. Attendees are able to get a initial understand of Chen Style Taiji’s form in the application level. Master Chen emphasize more of the “Don’t Move” and how and why it is so important in push hand. All attendees are able to experience from Master Chen’s touch. Everyone can try hands-on. This event is not just theory or talk session. Everyone uses their entire strength to push into Master Chen. Completely different from other Taiji seminars where the masters only tried with their own students and even asked their students to relax while they attacked suddenly. Already a few are asking about the full time training at DaQingShan in May 2014.


Simon Lee December 17, 2013 at 8:50 pm

Yes, enjoyed it and having number of times feel the hands/legs/torso of Master Chen confirms the chi expansion and flow within his body to generate the power as and where he directs it. His understanding of Taichi very profound. Thank you.


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