DaQingShan 2012 May 09

by Michael Koh on 2012/05/09

It has been a year. I pretty much did about 1,500 yilu’s till date. This trip, I like to focus a little more in push hand to experiment the moves in the form. The yilu’s I did has given me strength. I feel more stable and not as whimsy compared to last year.

1) Every move is a pull towards the dantien.

2) Touch and rotate to stretch.

3) Open must empty, close must be solid.

4) Differentiate, stop the bottom, extend the top.

5) Do not sink, rotate vertically.

6) When push, be full and then add one point. The add must be using spiral motion.

Many actions my body still not able to perform. Master Chen says it is because I number of yilu’s is still not enough, be patient and train more.

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