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by Shopmaster on 2020/10/27


Master Chen Zhonghua’s Private Lesson with Roy Croucher on Oct. 27, 2020. Presenter: Chen Zhonghua   Length: 53 min.   In: English   Year: 2020  Difficulty:3/5  At:Edmonton Chen Zhonghua Academy

Roy Croucher Private 20201027
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Doug Gauld November 5, 2020 at 11:37 am

Roy Croucher private review 20201027
- if you can last at this art, you can eventually succeed at it
- performing ’6 sealing, 4 closing’, make shoulder and hand sink, then add elbow sink
- all power comes from the creation of a parallel line
- think of the elastic cord; two ends are fixed, midpoint of cord can bend and snap back
- learn how to move without changing/altering overall structure/shape of body
- Hong Junsheng told Zhonghua Chen that power telescopes like a folding selfie stick (see top photo) and creates distance when it expands/lengthens
- learn about enticing opponent into emptiness
- rotation creates no displacement of space
- learn to contain the arm between two imaginary vertical walls, anything outside the two walls creates a ‘leak’ of power
- ‘xing’ is three seams returning to one seam (?, not clear about this note)
- learn to perceive and create powered triangles within body structures, think of knees as being lower body elbows
- only need about a 1-centimeter- movement, bones hold the stretch
- knee and kua must be connected, be relational, move only one centimeter to create effect on opponents
- power comes from locking, creating containment
…learning to live, a breath at a time…


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