Semi Private Morning Group Private session with Master Chen

by Alex Marentek on 2018/12/05

Attendees: Alex, OngWM, Flo, Chandra, Jojo
1. Twisting Towel train the Elbow to be in the Middle
2. Six Sealing 4 Closing train the Shoulder to
be in the Middle
3. Fetch Water train the Kua to be in the Middle

 In Usage all 3 of these must be in Coordination.
Sometimes more movement in Elbow,
Shoulder or in Kua.
The Body never does everything together. It should be
moving Individually but at the same time.
Timing means at the Same Time, things
happen differently.
The 3 Different Body Parts layering makes the Body
Movement 3 Dimensional.
Body parts; Top, Bottom, Left, Right – These Rhythm
works individually. So all together the Body is Solid.
“PENG” is needed to Lock 3 Points.
Variations of how to control the Rhythm.Lock the Middle & Move the 2 Ends (Fix);
And when the Opponent move the Middle, you move
the 2 Ends (& vice versa).
Yin Yang Principles:
1. 进⼊两头,打中间
2. 定住中间,打两头
这原则表现在真真 Analogy 就是杠杆⼒ (⼸箭⼒)
Based on principles of Lever (Bow & Arrow).
This also relate to Size.
• Small Size use Elbow.
• Medium Size use Shoulder
• Big Size use Kua / Leg
Contents from Master Chen Zhong Hua.
Noted by Alex & Jojo.
5 Dec 2018. Inna Sindhu Hotel, Sanur, Bali

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