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Daqingshan update i

by Wilkin Ng on 2012/07/13

James Tam from Ottawa left after two weeks. We have students arrived from Germany, Singapore and UK. Master Chen is stepping up the training sessions in preparation for competition at ZiTongShan next week.

The construction for the dam to form a small lake is almost finished, and we enjoyed some rainy days here so there are waters flowing down. Photos and video by Tim Duehring


Today is Marc last day. He stay for 4 weeks on Daqingshan

Outside inside separation, example: a drum, an egg.

There are twelve foreign students already, several choose to come early to also join the competition that occurs next week. I don’t feel much joint pain this time, just a bit soreness. Master Chen mentioned that over the years toxin accumulate in a person joint, Read more

Videos in preparation for Daqingshan Fulltime 2012

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Full Time Session

This will be my third full time course. Why am I going again after  2010 and 2011? Let me list the reasons:

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A good video to compare with the Victoria 2009 yilu (the one in the left sidebar). Please comment your observation of the differences.

This time a long time student of Master Chen James Chan from Philadelphia joined us. Lots of push hand on Sunday as four students from Seattle joined us. Topics covered:

  • In yilu, finish the move and add one: don’t connect the moves together.
  • Door jam principle in push hand.
  • Complete your move in push hand, dont get distracted.
  • To execute on 45 line it feels less friction than meeting opponent force head on, but students always choose to resist and fight instead.

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This is the first time I have attended a local four days workshop, the extra time let me have a deeper impression on what I learnt. Bruce from Denver, Lee from Saskatoon, and Linlin from New Hampshire attended, along with regulars from Seattle and Victoria island. We are planning to have the next four days workshop in Spring 2012. Please contact Master Chen if you are interested in attending. Read more

I saw Grace made rapid improvement in a month since she started taiji. The secret? Fulltime stay at Daqingshan.

There is a lesser known important principle in this clip. Please leave a comment to start a discussion. It is always like this with Master Chen workshop, everything is openly explained and demonstrated. But it is up to the students to pay attention and digest on what is being shown.

[singlepic id=3715 w=200 h=150 float=left] Coming to this workshop I wanted to ask Master Chen about some lofty concepts I read recently of Ting 听 Wen 問 Na 拿 Fa 発, also about energy movement I felt in my yilu.

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We all have heard it a hundred times before, a basic principle that is hard to do.

Videos below

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This shows the importance of preparation, if Steve has arrived a week before instead of the day before, his body would be more open in the fight.

Gino is the only student doing weapon form, Steve Chan was planning to, but his peeling toe nail is still bothering him.

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Many students performed Practical Method Yilus in form competition on DQS, including one from Rizhao. Below are the miniclips from my iPod, full video coming soon.

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This year there are sixteen students on the first week of Full Time session on DaQingShan. Steve Chan is supposed to arrive tomorrow to participate in the push hand competition. There is coffee brewing in the lobby at 5 am as an incentive for the early risers.

After early morning practice,we had several seminars by Master Li Enjiu and other Masters plus art demonstration session.

[singlepic id=2991 w=200 h=150 float=left] As usual, lots of hand on teaching, the best way to learn taiji.

Master Chen corrected a few of my postures mistake. For me, that’s enough pointer of what I should be working on until I meet him again on the mountain in two weeks.

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I have increased the size of the video player in the individual post page. Click the post title from the home page to see the bigger video size.

Also, the listing for MyFolder is now titles only, to speed up loading time for those that has lots of videos in ‘MyFolder’.

Please let me know what you think in the comments.

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A clip of demonstration common in Master Chen workshops.


More details Three-Way Split in Taiji Movements

Another video below

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Power in Taiji comes from rotation, but how does rotation generate power?.

The key is S-Line structure that can transform rotation to movement.

Power and stability in rotation only come from proper S-Line alignment.

See Taiji S-Line Video Training for detailed explanation.

Taiji S-Line Demonstration Clip

Here is a short clip on the importance of mastering the concept of Zhuan Guan.

Zhuan  (turn) Guan (joint)

Training video on Zhuan Guan Zhuan Guan Online Video Trailer

Master Chen description on Zhuan Guan ( point 19 )

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Dot in Space 3

by Wilkin Ng on 2010/12/04

Here is a clip from the Dot mini-lesson to illustrate the concept of creating rotation from a fixed dot outside your body. In DQS Master Chen showed this to me but I have a hard time understanding what he meant until I draw the circle of the rotation. I hope this short clip from the Dot mini lesson clarify this technique.

At the Maple Ridge workshop last weekend, Master Chen went over again the mini lessons he covered in his Edmonton Full Time videos.

Master Chen demonstrated that tossing and double heavy is the same mistake. I used to think that double heavy is only applied when doing a linear move, pushing and pulling.
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[singlepic id=1466 w=120 h=80 float=right]

First comment Master Chen has for me is to make my stance larger when we started with circles.

We went over the details of twist towel foundation:
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I think all of the videos from Daqingshan 2010 full time come courtesy of Paul (sorry for the missing credit!). Due to his hard work that there are so many records of our activities this year, I remember him getting up early to record a class while some students slept in.

Thanks Paul, I hope you got home safely and enjoy your remaining holiday

I came to the mountain in June with not much expectation, I saw it as a holiday with a chance to learn taiji. I knew it will be a long journey since I just met Master Chen in February, and through several workshops, I accepted that it will take a long time to gain any real progress.

However, it has become a memorable experience, Read more

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There are several trails on the mountain. Here is a record of one of the trail.

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Day trip to QingDao i

by Wilkin Ng on 2010/07/04

We went to QingDao to shop for computer peripherals and discovered an improvement to printing technology in China.

Had authentic Korean dinner, before picking up Bryon at the airport.
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These videos were shot during the three months full time course at DaQingShan 2010.

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Students started to feel pain and ache. My right knee was in slight pain yesterday, but it was better this morning. I think I was twisting it too much. I will maintain higher posture and be conscious of it till it gets stronger.

I am learning a lot the past week, and had done more yilus in a week here than in five months since I started.

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Find weight on feet

Find the stretch or manufacture it with both hand then cut the stretch toward o back with waist turn. Or scissor push o back against front thigh

O put hand on your shoulder redirect to o line back to his shoulder. Same with o hand on arm

Matching power. Have to feel o power first otherwise can’t match it

Kua rotation exercise on chair. Keep butt steady then do the shun ni rotations on kua by pushing on feet.

Yilu double heavy. When stepping make sure it is clear transfer of weight.

Morning Practice i

by Wilkin Ng on 2010/06/22

It is already quite bright in the morning. The birds are chirping.

This morning Master Sun ZhongHua is teaching us HunYuan form.

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This is only half the dishes we have today, I was too hungry to keep taking photo.这只是一部分。太饿没全照。

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The seven full time students start with foundations, then Master Chen join us and start a yilu form. He started slow and loose and toward the end he cranked it up, really powerful, fast movement. I think this is how he practice privately, I never see this power in his videos. Read more

I was told fried worm taste like hazelnut.

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Sceneries,  hand-on instructions.

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