Last weeks of fulltime class 2010

by Wilkin Ng on 2010/09/03

I came to the mountain in June with not much expectation, I saw it as a holiday with a chance to learn taiji. I knew it will be a long journey since I just met Master Chen in February, and through several workshops, I accepted that it will take a long time to gain any real progress.

However, it has become a memorable experience, I travelled to several cities and met many teachers and fellow students. More importantly, being on a quite mountain gave me time to ponder the taiji requirement without distraction. I tried performing the requirement by observing it in Master Chen movement.

I still have long way to go, but I can say that now I understand a few of the requirements. For example: in with elbow, out with hand (This requirement create structure on the forearm extending through the finger)

Master Chen taught us the same lessons he does in workshop, but having time to allow it to sink in makes a big difference in my taiji, and I observe that all students made remarkable progress.

A tip for future full time students, always be observant to Master Chen movements. One may take it for granted because he is there everyday, but I always try to see with fresh eyes and I hope somehow subconsciously it is remembered so one day it can help me in my taiji journey.

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Tim Duehring September 4, 2010 at 12:10 pm

Wilkin, you have shown great progress in your journey. Keep the open mind and you will advance. Don’t be impatient. Good luck on your trip.


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